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Water Treatment Industry--- The Security Filter


The security filter, also known as a precision filter, is a widely used filter in the water treatment industry. Its outer casing is usually made of stainless steel. This material is not easy to rust and durable. There are many kinds of Filter Elements in the equipment, such as folding filter, wire-wound filter, large-flow filter, activated carbon filter, etc. These filter elements are mostly tubular and more convenient to replace. In the process of use, according to the raw water quality and process flow that needs to be filtered, what kind of Filter Element is selected to make the effluent meet the requirements. It also acts as a reverse osmosis membrane before use in reverse osmosis equipment. Nowadays, the security filter is applied in many fields such as medicine, chemical industry, food and beverage, brewing, printing and dyeing, etc. The quality of the effluent is in full compliance with the water requirements of various industries, and has been recognized and widely used.

The principle of the security filter is to carry out a filtration process on the raw liquid under the action of pressure, then it will leave some filtered waste on the pipe wall and then flow out, so that a process can really achieve the filtration. Process, looking at the complex is actually very simple to operate, of course, for our use is more simple,

Its hole is different, of course, this is also chosen according to our needs. The security filter is a real precision filter. It can completely filter out some waste in the water. Of course, there are many small particles that we usually can't see. So, today it is very widely used.

How insecure our water is, I believe that everyone knows it, so it is too much to have a special security filter, especially some large factories, so we should know that it is for our lives. What kind of role is there, and it will play a bigger role in the future.

The filter element of the security filter has a flattening reason

The security filter is usually installed in front of the pressure vessel to remove particles with a turbidity of more than 1 degree, so that the influent water meets the water inlet requirements of the subsequent equipment. However, after a certain period of use, the filter element will appear to be flattened. The main reasons for this situation are:

1. The filter element is used for a long time and is not replaced in time.

2. The support of the filter element skeleton is insufficient.

3. The filter element is not selected well, and the required filtering accuracy is not suitable.

4. The water inlet pressure is not suitable.

These reasons will cause the filter element to absorb and flatten, which will seriously affect the water purification effect. The working capacity of the filter element in the continuous water purification process is declining and needs to be replaced in time, otherwise the water quality will be affected.

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